Select Publications in the IES focus area of Religion and Global Society

John A. Rees & Tim Smartt, eds. (2018) Journal of Religious and Political Practice, Special Issue: 'The Politics of Religious Freedom in the Asia-Pacific', Vol 4, Issue 1.

A special issue edited by IES researchers John A. Rees and Tim Smartt featuring articles from Elizabeth Shakman Hurd (Northwestern), Atalia Omer (University of Notre Dame), Iza Hussin (Oxford), Thomas DuBois (Hong Kong), Benjamin Schonthal (Otago), Miranda Johnson (Sydney), Rosemary Hancock (The University of Notre Dame Australia), and Iselin Frydenlund (Peace Research Institute Oslo).

Rosemary Hancock (2018). Islamic Environmentalism: Activism in the United States and Great Britain. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

From the publisher: Islamic Environmentalism examines Muslim involvement in environmentalism in the United States and Great Britain. The book focuses upon Muslim activists and Islamic organizations that approach environmentalism as a religious duty: offering environmental readings of Islamic scriptures, and integrating religious ritual and practice with environmental action.

John A. Rees, ed. (2017) Philippiniana Sacra, Special Issue: ‘Reading Laudato Si’ in Asia and the Pacific’ (September-December), vol. LII, no.157.

Stefania Rawson (2017) ‘Pope Francis’ Affirmative Ecology for Pacific Island Indigenous Community’. Philippiniana Sacra (September-December), vol. LII, no.157, 877-896.

A special issue drawing together an international collection of essays published in partnership with the University of Santo Tomas and the Association of Southeast and East Asian Catholic Colleges and Universities.

John A. Rees (2015) ‘Four Religions of Foreign Policy’ in L.M. Herrington, A. McKay & J. Haynes, eds. Nations Under God: the Geopolitics of Faith in the Twenty-First Century. Bristol, UK: E-International Relations, pp.45-55.

The volume brings together over thirty leading scholars from a variety of disciplines such as political science, international relations theory, sociology, theology, anthropology and geography. Utilising case studies, empirical investigations and theoretical examinations, this book focuses on the complex roles that religions play in world affairs.

John A. Rees (2014). 'Religion in the Syntax of Power: a post-secular perspective on international relations', Politics, Religion and Ideology, 15:3, 456-472.

Religion research in international relations (IR) has grown exponentially, but has it extended an understanding of religious agency beyond the assumptions of secularism? This article suggests the orientation towards religion in IR is now best described as ‘postsecular’ and employs a linguistic analogy through which to expand the argument.

John A. Rees (2013) ‘International Financial Institutions and Religion’, in M. Clarke ed., Handbook of Research on Development and Religion. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, pp.268-285.

With eighty percent of the world’s population professing religious faith, religious belief is a common human characteristic. This fascinating and highly unique Handbook brings together state-of-the-art research on incorporating religion into development studies.

John A. Rees (2012) ‘‘Really Existing’ Scriptures: on the use of sacred text in international affairs’, in D. Johnston & D. Hoover, eds. Religion and Foreign Affairs: Essential Readings. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, pp.109-118.

This international primer presents the writings of leading scholars, revealing distinctive approaches to the study of religion and global politics. Religion and Foreign Affairs offers readers a broad selection of essays, ranging across cultures and worldviews. From the ethics of force and peacemaking to globalization and American foreign policy, this compendium provides a solid introduction to the field of religion and foreign affairs that will stimulate discussion and encourage intelligent practice.