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2018 Calendar of Statistical Workshops & Lectures

Biostatistical considerations when planning your research studyPaolaMon 12th Feb40minND46/202IHR Biostats Lunch Series*
Cox Proportional Hazard Regression Model using SPSSMax
Support: Paola
Date to be confirmedND4/303 TBC
Critiquing Research: Part 1 - Understanding researchPaolaMon 12th Mar40minND46/202IHR Biostats Lunch Series*
Critiquing Research: Part 2 – critical review workshopPaolaMon 9th Apr40minND46/202IHR Biostats Lunch Series*
Critiquing Research: Part 3 – Statistics overviewPaolaMon 14th May40minND46/202IHR Biostats Lunch Series*
BROOME WORKSHOPSMax / Caroline / Paola5th – 7th June2.5 daysBROOMEFly in Monday 4th, Fly out Thursday 7th.
NVivo WorkshopCarolineFriday 8th June8:30am -12:30pmND4/303 TBCBooking reference: 1418579
Critiquing Research: Part 4 – Making sense of research results workshopPaolaMon 11th June40minND46/202IHR Biostats Lunch Series*
Introduction to STATADana
Support: Angela/Paola
Mon 25th June8:30am -12:30pmND32/108 TBCBooking reference: 1419020
Logisitic Regression using STATAMax Support Dana / Angela / PaolaMon 25th June1:00 – 5:00pmND32/108 TBCBooking reference: 1419021
**Data entry considerationsDana/PaolaMon 9th Jul40minND46/202IHR Biostats Lunch Series*
**Study Design WorkshopCaroline led: Team deliveryMon 23rd July9am – 4:30pmND46/302 TBCBooking reference: 1418815
Introduction to SPSS
Incl. Excel 1hr session
Paola DanaWed 25th July8:30am -12:30pmND4/303 TBCBooking reference: 1418817
Basic Statistics using SPSSPaolaWed 25th July1:00 pm – 5:00 pmND4/303 TBCBooking reference: 1418818
Biostatistical considerations in study design toward achieving successful translation of study results.PaolaWed 1st August1-2pmSJoG Subiaco
**Writing ResultsDana/PaolaMon 13th Aug40minND46/202IHR Biostats Lunch Series*
Focus Group FacilitationCarolineMon 10th Sep40minND46/202IHR Biostats Lunch Series*
**Questionnaire Design
(Google Docs by Carmen Papaluca?)
Caroline/CarmenMon 8th Oct40minND46/202IHR Biostats Lunch Series*
**Power and sample sizeDanaMon 12th Nov40minND46/202IHR Biostats Lunch Series*

*2nd Monday of the month Feb-Nov 12:30-1:20pm. ** indicates a new session to be developed.


Past Events

2 Feb Introduction to SPSS (Incl. Excel 1 hr session)
8:30am -12:30pm
2 Feb Basic Statistics using SPSS
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm