Research - Scholarships

Students enrolled in a Higher Degree by Research may apply for the following Scholarships offered by the University:

2017 mid-year scholarships round
The University of Notre Dame will be holding a mid-year round of applications for research scholarships for 2017. There will be a number of RTP Stipend scholarships (formerly known as APA) and a number of International Fee Remission Research Scholarships awarded. The former are available to both domestic and international applicants, and the latter are available to international applicants only. International applicants may choose to apply for both, or one or the other.

The deadline for applications is midnight on Sunday 18 June 2017 (Sydney time). To submit your application, please email Ensure you attach to your email the completed and signed scholarship application form, along with all relevant documents (as described on the application form). Before you commence, you must also review the Research Degrees and Scholarships Committee Guidelines on Awarding of Scholarships, which is found below. All applicants are also advised to explicitly address the Objects of the University in their personal statements.

Please note that these applicants are open to both applicants for research degrees, or current research students.

Please direct all enquiries about the mid-year research scholarships round to

Indigenous Scholarship
(for Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students only)

Kailis Research Scholarship
The Michael G Kailis Research Scholarship and The Patricia V Kailis Research Scholarship

International Fee Remission Research Scholarship (IFRRS)
(for international students only)

Research Training Program Scholarships

As of 1st January 2017, the Department of Education and Training launched a Research Training Program (RTP) to support domestic and international students undertaking Higher Degrees in Research. RTP replaces the Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA), the International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) and Research Training Scheme.

Due to this new government legislation, our scholarships policy is under review and will be released in June 2017.
Further information on RTP scholarships is available on the government website and frequently asked questions for students is available at