Sydney Graduation

Structure of Graduation Ceremonies – Sydney Campus

The Sydney Campus holds one Graduation ceremony each year.

Students MUST apply to graduate during their final year.

Students may be eligible for graduation at the end of their final Semester of study assuming all units are completed and there are no outstanding fees or library fines.

Graduation Co-Ordinator: Ia Zozrashvili
Graduation Officer: Laurice Gea Gea

Sydney Campus: (02) 8204 4382;

Graduation Dates 2015

The graduation dates for 2015 are currently being finalised.

Please continue to check the website for updated information.

Your application to Graduate

Application to Graduate 2015

Upon receipt of your Application to Graduate, a Graduation Check is sent to your School. Your Dean will assess whether you have fulfilled all of the requirements of your Course or will fulfil all of the requirements of your Course pending successful completion of your current Semester's units.

To check your current graduation status, please log on to the Student Academic Information Portal. If your application to graduate has been denied, you will be contacted by your School.

Graduation Tickets

Every Graduand is offered two (2) tickets for guests to attend their ceremony. While the University appreciates Graduands would like to share this ceremony with their family and friends, due to venue and resource constraints it is usually not possible to provide extra tickets. Once the number of Graduands has been confirmed there may be a small allocation of extra tickets, but this is not guaranteed.

Extra guests will be able to view the ceremony in an 'overflow' room on site. This 'overflow' room will feature a live streaming of the ceremony on a large screen. Seats in the 'overflow' room will be on a 'first in' basis.

Notification of when the tickets are available for collection will be sent to your student email account, Please note that we do not post tickets to students, as we cannot guarantee that the tickets will arrive prior to the Graduation ceremony. Photo ID is required to collect Graduation tickets. If an agent will collect tickets on your behalf, you must also provide them with a signed letter of authorisation.

Graduation Regalia

Graduands are required to wear the full academic regalia appropriate for their degree. Only those graduands in correct academic regalia will be permitted to participate in the ceremony. Regalia Craft are the University's supplier of regalia and have full details of correct hoods (colours) for each award. If you are receiving more than one award, the regalia of the highest award should be worn.

All orders to either hire or purchase regalia need to be made through the Regalia Craft website,

Regalia for Mass: We ask that Graduands wear only their Academic gown and hood (colours) to the Mass. Please do not wear the mortar board.

Regalia for Graduation Ceremony: Graduands are required to wear full academic regalia to the Graduation Ceremony (gown, hood and mortar board).

Graduation – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the University has received my "Application to Graduate" form?
Log into your own Academic Portal and check your Graduation Application Status. If your Graduation status is "APPLIED", "APP_PENDING", or "APPROVED" then we have received your form. Please note it can take two weeks for the forms to be processed and we appreciate your patience.

How do I know which graduation ceremony to attend?
Allocation of each school to a ceremony is likely to take place in early October. You will be notified of which ceremony to attend closer to this time.

Is the Graduation Mass compulsory?
The Graduation Mass is optional but we strongly encourage you, your family and friends, to attend. At the Mass, you will receive your special gift from the University – the Notre Dame Cross, engraved to commemorate the occasion. Only those in attendance will receive the Notre Dame Cross.

It should be noted that the Graduation Mass is the largest single event on the Sydney Campus calendar each year; as such some guests may need to stand.

Can I bring one extra guest to my graduation ceremony?
Space at the venue is limited but we do understand the difficulty in selecting only two guests to attend your ceremony. Please note that last year we were unable to accommodate any extra requests for tickets, and it is likely that this situation may occur again. Graduation ceremonies are increasingly popular and almost all students use their allocation of two tickets – leaving no spare seats at the ceremonies. However, as previously mentioned, we do have an 'overflow' room to accommodate additional guests without tickets.

However, if you do wish to request an extra ticket, please email your request to and we will put you on a waiting list. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of extra tickets.

Please remember that you are also able to invite family and friends to the Graduation Mass – which is a very special part of graduating from Notre Dame.

I have changed my name and would like my new name on my testamur and transcript, how do I do this?
Please submit your "Change of Name" certificate, (or Marriage Certificate if applicable) to the Student Administration office at Broadway (on the ground floor of Pioneer House).

Once we have sighted the original document we can change your name in our system. In order to have your testamur printed correctly please submit your "Change of Name" certificate as soon as possible.