Sydney Graduation

12 April Graduation Ceremonies

All Schools

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 – Sydney Town Hall (times TBC)

The Graduation Ceremonies will be split as per the following:

Ceremony 1Education, Medicine, Nursing
Ceremony 2Arts & Sciences, Business, Law, Philosophy & Theology, Research
Graduation Regalia

Graduands are required to wear the full academic regalia appropriate for their degree. Only those graduands in correct academic regalia will be permitted to participate in the ceremony. Regalia Craft are the University's supplier of regalia and have full details of correct hoods (colours) for each award. If you are receiving more than one award, the regalia of the highest award should be worn.

All orders to either hire or purchase regalia need to be made through the Regalia Craft website,

To ORDER your Academic Regalia:

Please place your order online by Monday 14th March via the following link:

The Graduation Ceremonies will be split as per the following:

Ceremony 1Education, Medicine, Nursing
Ceremony 2Arts & Sciences, Business, Law, Philosophy & Theology, Research

When placing our order online, please indicate the time as is relevant to you.

If you are graduating in Ceremony 1, please select 10:00.
If you are graduating in Ceremony 2, please select 14:30.

Graduation – Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I apply to graduate after the due date 22 January 2016?
Applications received between 22 January – 5 February 2016 will attract a $100 late fee (non-refundable) and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Registrar. Applications received after 5 February 2016 will not be considered.
When do Results get released and how can I obtain a transcript?
Results for all graduands who completed their studies in Semester 2 2015 were released on 5 December 2015. For students who subsequently completed their studies in Summer Term 2016, or had an outstanding grade from 2015, results are being released on Saturday, 5 March 2016.

After the release of results, transcripts listing a status of ‘Course Complete’ will be available for you to purchase to send to prospective employers, etc. (N.B. You will also receive a copy of your final transcript at your graduation ceremony).

Transcripts can be purchased by contacting the Fees Office on 02 8204 4437 or via, noting that transcripts ordered by 12:00 PM will be available for collection on the following business day.
Can I still graduate in April 2016 if I did not complete my course by Summer Term 2016?
Unfortunately, to be eligible to graduate in April 2016, you will have needed to complete your studies by no later than Summer Term 2016, and have applied to graduate by no later than 22 January 2016.
What happens if I fail a unit or require a deferred examination in Summer Term 2016 – is there a possibility that I can still graduate in April 2016?
Students who have not completed the academic requirements of their course by the end of Summer Term 2016 will be ineligible to graduate in April 2016.
How many guests may I invite to my ceremony?
Each graduand will receive three tickets for their guests. There will be no additional tickets available.
I have changed my name and would like my new name on my testamur and transcript, how do I do this?
If any of your personal details (including name) require updating, you will need to complete an Amendment to Personal Details form and submit it along with supporting documentation (e.g. ‘Change of Name’ certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc.) to Student Administration & Fees on the Broadway site (ground floor, Pioneer House (NDS5)).

Once we have sighted the original document we can change your name in our system. In order to have your testamur printed correctly please submit this documentation as soon as possible.
Key Contacts

Graduation & Study Abroad Officer
Phone (02) 8204 4382
Address: Ground Floor, Pioneer House, 128-140 Broadway, Broadway NSW 2007

Graduation Information Booklet