School of Law, Sydney

At Notre Dame’s School of Law, Sydney we are a leading contributor to the legal profession. Our Law programs produce passionate, well-trained graduates who are valued by prospective employers across the profession for their ethics, intelligence and professional competence.

As a Notre Dame student you will receive a personalised 5 star education including the following:

  • A high quality, ethical and practical legal education that has been designed and reviewed by the profession.
  • Studying at a Law School with the highest graduate employment rate (90%). 1
  • Teachers with real-life experience, many as partners of law firms.
  • Learning in a School which provides the highest standard of teaching in the country. 2
  • Being supported and mentored every step of the way by people who know your name and care about your professional and personal growth.
  • Small, interactive and participatory classes. 3
  • Having access to internship and mentoring programs with leading lawyers.
  • Studying law in a context of Catholic faith and values.

Your Notre Dame Law degree, grounded in real world experience – will equip you with the skills and knowledge to embark on your meaningful career in Law.

You may also find a Law degree to be a useful addition to a range of other degrees offered at Notre Dame such as Arts & Sciences or Business.


1 The Good Universities Guide 2015
2 The Australian Law Student Survey 2013
3 In 2013 and 2014 our average class size was 31