Research at the School of Medicine, Sydney

"Making a Difference to the Health of Those in Need"

Our Vision

  • To be a leading academic research institution that contributes new knowledge and promotes actions to improve the health and wellbeing of people and communities and reduce health inequalities.

Our Mission

  • To advance the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities, particularly those in greatest need.


  • Further the Objects of the University through excellence in research and scholarship
  • expand delivery of high quality and high impact research by fostering effective partnerships and collaboration
  • Build a research community with a broad spirit of enquiry and innovation and develop requisite skills and pathways to be engaged in research
  • Equip our students with the skills to critically appraise and integrate evidence into practice and to contribute to medical knowledge
  • Engage with our local communities, clinicians and health services to define health research priorities and implement evidence into action
  • Promote the translation of research into practice and health policy at national and international levels

Research Themes

Post Graduate Research Program

The School accepts candidates to the Higher Degree by Research Programs.

  • Masters of Medicine/Surgery program (MMed/Surg)
  • Master of Science (MSc)
  • Doctor of Medical Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Research training and support

The School holds research training workshops through the year. All academic staff, adjuncts and post-graduate research students are welcome to attend.

Resources for literature searching and managing reference are available from the library website.

The School also has researchers and research support staff available to help you develop your research ideas into a research proposal, prepare ethics and graft applications and for advice on analysis methods.
For staff information:

A step by step guide to UNDA research resources for developing your research proposal

Please contact Dr Clare Andreallo on 8204 4459 for more information about upcoming workshops and research support.

Research publications

Links to the School’s research publications can be found at Research Online.

University Links

Notre Dame Research
Research forms
Ethics forms

Research newsletter,
with links to current grant postings

UNDA Research Development Team

NameResearch areaContact emailDays available
Professor John Eisman
Associate Dean of Clinical Leadership and Research
Osteoporosis, endocrinology appointment
Professor George Mendz
Head of Research Programs
Microbiology appointment
Dr Zelda Doyle
Epidemiologist, Rural Clinical School
Epidemiology, public health
Dr Gisselle Gallego
Senior Research Fellow, Translation Research
Qualitative research, Mixed methods, health services research
A/Prof Sally Lord
Head of Epidemiology and Medical Statistics
Epidemiology, Medical tests and biomarker evaluation, Tues, Wed, Fri
Professor Lynne Madden
Associate Dean Learning and Teaching
Medical Education appointment
Professor Moyez Jiwa
Associate Dean Melbourne Clinical School
Primary care and chronic diseases appointment
Ms Kate Levett
Research Fellow, Translation Research
Maternal Health, clinical trials, public health, Tues, Wed
A/Prof Lucie Rychetnik
Senior Research Fellow, Translation Research
Qualitative research, public health, over-diagnosis appointment
Dr Craig Smith
Coordinator Honours and Higher Degree by Research Programs
Laboratory science
Dr Edward Waters
Mathematical modelling, infectious diseases and environmental health appointment
Research support staff
Dr Clare Andreallo
Administrative Officer, Research and Research Programs
Contact for information about research development workshops and appointments
Ms Morgan Quilty
Medical Librarian
Contact for help to access library resources, literature search and reference manager software training

Developing your research proposal – a step by step guide to Notre dame research resources

Develop your research
hypothesis and question

Workshops & by appointment

Develop your research
Workshops & by appointment
  • Collecting and managing your study data
  • Introduction to statistical software, SPSS
  • Sample size considerations

   Apply for ethics approval
All research projects need to be approved by the Notre Dame Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Submit your application for Notre Dame HREC to Dr Clare Andreallo

   Apply for Grant Funding
For external grants, submit a preliminary research clearance form
to Dr Clare Andreallo
All grants need to submitted through the Research Office

Data collection,
management & analysis
Workshops & by appointment
  • Statistical analysis clinic
  • SPPS, R software training

Writing up your results
  Presentation & publications
Workshops & by appointment
  • Writing skills resources & workshop

School Research Fora
Annual Research Symposium and Conference

Research Ethical Review Process - Flowchart