Staff of the School of Medicine, Sydney

The School of Medicine, Sydney has recruited some of Australia's leading teaching and research staff.

School Executive Team
Joanne Fisher #
Ms JoAnne Fisher
Associate Dean, Sydney
Head of Student Matters
02 8204 4120
Prof Moyez Jiwa
Associate Dean, Melbourne and Professor, Health Innovation
02 8204 4259
Associate Professor
Joe McGirr

Associate Dean, Rural
02 8204 4110
Lynne Madden
John Eisman
Professor Lynne Madden
Associate Dean,
Teaching and Learning
02 8204 4478
Prof John Eisman
Associate Dean, Clinical Leadership and Research
02 8204 4450
Professor George Mendz
Head of Research Programs and Medicine Research, Sydney
02 8204 4457
# #
Assoc. Prof. Janice Wiley
Head of Personal and Professional Development Domain
02 8204 4483
Ms Michelle Cosgrave
Executive Officer
02 8204 4454
Ms Susan Jones
Executive Assistant
to the Dean
02 8204 4455

Medical Education Unit Staff

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Personal and Professional Development Domain Committee

School Administration Staff

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