School of Philosophy and Theology, Sydney

At the School of Philosophy & Theology, Sydney our teaching and research programs introduce students to the rich substance and values of the Catholic intellectual and faith tradition. As a School we aim to be "Catholic" in the truest sense; open to dialogue and collaboration with all in the search for meaning, wisdom and truth.

As a Notre Dame student you will receive a personalised 5 star education including:

  • Philosophy and Theology programs which examine the deeper questions of contemporary individual and social life;
  • learning from academics who are experts in their fields;
  • being supported and mentored every step of the way by people who know your name and care about your professional and personal growth; and
  • an open, critical and creative approach to learning.

Your Notre Dame Philosophy and Theology degree will develop your capacity to think for yourself, to justify your views, and to respond to some of the greatest arguments ever offered on the most important questions.