Endowed Chairs

Endowed Chairs are an important means of supporting the appointment of first-class scholars and leaders to individual Schools on each of the University’s three campuses. We need endowed Chairs in all fields: Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Health Sciences, Law, Medicine, Nursing and Philosophy and Theology. Holders of Endowed Chairs are expected to be major contributors to the advancement of the University, their disciplines, and the community. These prestigious named chairs require a minimum endowment of $1.5m.

The University of Notre Dame Australia has received donations to fund the following endowed Chairs on its Fremantle Campus:

  • Cardinal Pell Chair
  • The Churack Chair of Chronic Pain Education and Research
  • The Bernie Prindiville Chair of Education (donated by the Prindiville Family)
  • The Mary Prindiville Chair of Theology (donated by the Prindiville Family)
  • The Wesfarmers Chair of Medicine (donated by Wesfarmers Pty Ltd)
  • The Bevis Smith Chair of Medicine (donated by Bevis Smith)