Student Wellbeing, Safety and Support

Sexual Assault and Harassment

Below are the relevant policies and procedures relating to sexual assault and harassment:

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The University strongly encourages any member of the University Community who has experienced Sexual Assault or Sexual Harassment to contact a Support Officer.

Support Officers

Rommie Masarei
(08) 9433 0532

Lisa Goldacre
(08) 9433 0161

David McLean
(08) 9433 0585
Susanna Rizzo
(02) 8204 4142

Jane Stenning
(02) 8204 4238
Rommie Masarei
(08) 9433 0532


National University Support Line: 1800 572 224

A 24/7 counselling service provided by Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia
specialising in sexual assault and family violence counselling