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Joan Squelch
Professor Joan Squelch

“All lawyers, and those who aspire to be lawyers, need to be reminded of the high ethical standards which are expected of the legal profession. These standards, based upon obligations of honesty and trust, serve not only to protect the interests of those whom a lawyer represents, but they also protect the rule of law which underlies our constitutional and legal system.” - Honour Code

Our Law School accepted its first students in 1997 and it has developed a tradition of providing the legal profession with outstanding, job-ready Law graduates.

Our dedicated academic staff, comprised of academic lawyers and practising barristers, solicitors and judges, aim to deliver a highly practical Law program which is attuned to the demands of the Western Australian legal profession. Our reputation for excellent teaching is underpinned by a commitment to small class interactive teaching in which the small class sizes enable each student to fully participate in classroom discussions and to engage with lecturers so that they are able to monitor, and maintain interest in, each student’s progress.

At the undergraduate level, our students have the choice of a five year combined Law degree or a four year straight Law degree. We also offer a three year straight Law degree for graduates.

Another of our goals is to produce Law graduates who are well rounded people. We therefore offer undergraduate Law degrees which integrate the University’s 'Core Curriculum' subjects - Philosophy; Ethics and Theology.

Pastoral Care is also emphasised. We are committed to serving the needs of each student as an individual person through personal support in order to facilitate the development of his or her academic ability to their maximum potential.

As a UNDA Law student you will be encouraged to commit yourself to the University’s dedication to excellence; community service and outreach, and social justice. You will have the opportunity to do this, not only in Western Australia, but also in overseas study in jurisdictions including the United Kingdom and Ireland.

You may also be given the chance to represent the Law School in numerous academic competitions including International and National Moot and Client interview competitions where our students have previously enjoyed outstanding success at both national and international levels. These opportunities, together with our commitment to practical legal, research and communication skills and professional ethics, will prepare you to take an active role in Australian society upon graduation, whether as a practising lawyer or in a law-related field.

University should not just be an academic and intellectual pursuit however. We therefore encourage you to achieve a work -life balance by engaging in the many social, cultural and sporting events that the University and Law School offer.

Acquaint yourself with the Student Association and the Notre Dame Law Students' Society (NDLSS) and your time at the University will be one to fondly remember.Although we aim to provide a university education within the context of Catholic faith and values, people from other faiths or no faith at all who are supportive of the Catholic ethos of Notre Dame are also welcome and are encouraged to apply for admission.

Further details are available on this website. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Law staff or alternatively visit us any time.