Notre Dame Annual Appeal

At Notre Dame we have always sought to offer an excellent standard of higher education, in the context of Catholic faith and values. We have been delighted that our approach continues to be valued highly by students and graduates.

For the second year running we have received top honours in the Federal Government survey that draws upon feedback from thousands of past and present students.

Launched last year, the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) survey has again placed us in the top two universities nationally for ‘Overall Quality of Educational Experience’ with an overall rating of 89.8 per cent, well above the national average of 79.9 per cent. We were also placed in the top two universities in the country for ‘Learner Engagement’ and ‘Skills Development’.

These findings are also supported by the maximum 5-star ratings by graduates that Notre Dame received in the 2017 Good Universities Guide, in the categories of ‘Overall Graduate Satisfaction’, ‘Teaching Quality, ‘Generic Skills’, ‘Getting a Full-time Job’ and ‘Graduate Starting Salary’.

For a relatively young university such as Notre Dame, these results are outstanding, and it is truly satisfying to know that our approach to education is resonating strongly with students, graduates and employers alike.

We could not achieve these results, however, without you.

Your support is integral to helping Notre Dame provide an excellent educational experience for our students. We therefore ask you to consider donating to our 2017 Annual Appeal.

This year our Annual Appeal focuses on four areas:

Future Scholarships Fund:

Your donation to the Future Scholarships Fund will help provide access to a Notre Dame education for students who may be experiencing financial hardship, in addition to helping the University acknowledge the high academic achievements of students, through scholarships and awards.

In the World and For the World Foundation Fund:

Your donation to the In the World and For the World program will help us to achieve the goal of providing every domestic undergraduate student with an opportunity to participate in a transformative educational experience, such as a service-learning, volunteering or cultural immersion opportunity. The program will challenge students to deal with different environments, and ultimately aims to foster critical reflection, problem solving and a deeper awareness and appreciation of others.
Research Fund:

Your support for our research endeavours, including those within our three research centres – the Institute for Health Research in Fremantle, Nulungu Research Institute in Broome, and the Institute for Ethics & Society in Sydney – will ensure we continue to play a vital role in addressing many of the complex issues that face our society today.
Unrestricted Fund:

Your donation to the Unrestricted Fund will support the University’s priorities and enable the growth required to continue our vital role of excellent teaching, scholarship and research. Your unrestricted financial gift will also ensure we continue to offer students, staff and the community facilities that are both functional and beautiful.

No matter how you choose to donate, every gift makes a real difference to the lives of our students and to our research endeavours, to our work and to our mission. If you have supported us in previous years, we remain sincerely grateful. If you are able to make a gift this year, we thank you deeply for your kindness and generosity.

Yours sincerely

Professor Celia Hammond
Vice Chancellor