New Business School Dean for Notre Dame University Fremantle

Professor Werner Soontiens is the new Dean
of the School of Business at Notre Dame’s Fremantle Campus.

20 July 2017

Notre Dame University Australia has appointed international economist and higher education development strategist, Professor Werner Soontiens, as Dean of the School of Business in Fremantle.

Professor Soontiens brings more than 25-years’ experience in economics and business management to Notre Dame and will play a key role in developing the School of Business’ learning experience both locally and internationally.

During his career in higher education, Professor Soontiens has served on executive teams delivering education across Southeast Asia, including Singapore and Malaysia, and was instrumental in setting up a range of industry-based offshore ventures in China and Taiwan.

“The 21st century commercial environment is global in nature as decisions made by some of the world’s leading powers, including the UK and the USA, reverberate across Australia. As such, an understanding of the international business environment is necessary for all business students,” Professor Soontiens said.

“Studying business at Notre Dame is underpinned by a hands-on approach to learning. Through the University’s one-of-a-kind Business Internship Program, students network with industry professionals and not only create valuable contacts for their future but also learn how to create a better society,” added Professor Soontiens.

“At Notre Dame, studying in the School of Business is as much about the journey as the destination. As Dean, I endeavour to position clearly the School of Business as ‘the place’ where our future leaders are trained in ethical principles and practices so that they can make real changes in the workplace.”


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