Selected IES Ethics Education Activities at Notre Dame:


School of Arts and Social Sciences
Collaborators: Sandra Lynch (IES), Jane Stenning (Arts and Social Sciences), Anna Evangeli (Journalism)

  • IES provided consultancy with regard to reviewing and developing ethical components of the curriculum for CO305 Media Ethics and Law

School of Nursing
Collaborators: Sandra Lynch (IES), Bethne Hart (Nursing), Cathy Costa (Nursing)

  • IES has been involved in team-teaching and in curriculum planning, providing consultancy with regard to developing the ethical components of the following units: NPD 1000 Communication for Nurses; NPD 2000 Ethics and Law in Nursing; NPD3000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Health.
  • To watch a video interview with Bethne and Cathy on this project, see our Resources page

School of Philosophy and Theology
Collaborators: Sandra Lynch (IES) and Renée Köhler Ryan (Philosophy)

  • Designing and teaching segments of ET502 Ethics Issues in Professional Life

University wide

  • Annual IES Staff forum on Ethics Education – inaugural event held April 8, 2015 (see our News & Events page for details and program).
  • Visiting international expert on Ethics Education, Dr. Mary Gentile, founder of the “Giving Voice to Values” curriculum (2011 and 2012): Talks and workshops, funded by a grant from the Mary Philippa Brazil foundation (Press release). In particular, Dr. Gentile worked closely with the medical and nursing faculties at UNDA to assist in developing innovative methodologies for teaching and promoting ethical practice.

Selected IES Ethics Education Activities in the Community:

This list contains selected activities related to Ethics Education, particularly for the Professions (for the full range of IES’s broader public engagement activities, please see our News & Events and our Media pages).

  • Public lectures by Prof. Sandra Lynch, Director of the IES, at the Commercial Law Association of Australia Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Seminar (NSW State Library):
    • March 2015: "Exploring Legal Ethics: Responses to Ethical Conflicts"
    • February 2014: "Ethics in the Context of Contract Negotiations"
    • June 2013: "Ethics and Professional Responsibility" (with Professor Gerard Ryan)
  • Other selected public lectures by Prof. Sandra Lynch, Director of the IES:
    • April 2014: Keynote: Giving Voice to Values, Palliative Care Nurses of Australia Conference, Wentworth Hotel, Sydney.
    • July 2014: Keynote: Giving Voice to Values Workshop on Case Studies, the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Conference, The Pullman Albert Park, Melbourne.
    • September 2013: "Values and Voices", Australian Law Librarians Association Conference, Sydney Town Hall
    • 2012: Keynote: Lecture in Barrgana Series, Nulungu Research Institute, Broome, WA - "Values and Voices: Integrity and Self-Defence in Ethics Education"
    • 2012: Keynote: English Teachers' National Conference: (Towards an Ethical English), Sydney Grammar School, Sydney.
  • Philosophy in Schools (ongoing): Prof Sandra Lynch, IES Director, has had long-standing involvement and served on the executive of The Philosophy in Schools Association of New South Wales, as well as the national body, The Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations (FAPSA).
  • Sports Ethics Dinner (2011): "Changing Tactics: Football and Ethics": Dinner and Q&A style debate moderated by veteran sports journalist and former Rugby League coach, Roy Masters ( Press release )
  • Business Ethics Lunch (2010): Q & A Panel Discussion (for more on this event, see our News & Events page)