Public Lecture with Professor Candace Vogler

Synderesis: The seeds of conscience
Wednesday 23rd August 2017
St Benedict’s Hall, Corner of Broadway and Abercrombie Street, Chippendale 2008
Lecture begins at 6pm, with refreshments from 5.30pm

What are the seeds of conscience? How do children develop a sound conscience?

In this talk, leading moral philosopher Candace Vogler will give an account of what Aquinas calls “Synderesis”. She argues that Synderesis is what human beings have because we are the kind of animals that have to figure out what to pursue and why—instinct is not enough to guide us toward leading good, or fulfilling, or even moderately interesting lives. Candace will then work to extend Aquinas’ understanding of Synderesis in the direction of thinking about early childhood acculturation, with special emphasis on language acquisition. Her aim, throughout, is to introduce us to Synderesis as the precursor of sound conscience.

Candace Vogler is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Chicago, and Principal Investigator on the John Templeton project Virtue, Happiness, and the Meaning of Life. She is the author of Reasonably Vicious (Harvard University Press) and has published widely in the elds of ethics and the history of philosophy. She is a Distinguished Visiting Fulbright Professor at Notre Dame’s Institute for Ethics & Society.

This public lecture is organised by the IES’ Moral Philosophy and Moral Cultivation research stream, which seeks to produce excellent research and facilitate international collaborations in the field of moral philosophy and the cultivation of virtue. Our work in this field is informed by the Catholic intellectual and moral tradition. This stream is co-convened by IES researchers Professor Sandra Lynch, Dr. Annette Pierdziwol and Timothy Smartt.

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